Top 5 Highest Rated Dog Breeders in the USA

Dog breeding is a common thing in America. Through these kennels you can get the pet of your own choice. They have the unique variety of dogs and pets. the system of mating two dogs of different types is called breeding.

Some of the best dog Breeders of USA are:

  • Mittelwest German Shepherd: It has 4.8 star rating and one of the best dog Breeders in the Illinois, USA. Link:
  • Breeders Club of America: it is highly rated and highly recommended dog breeding club. It has 4.7 star rating and is located in New Jersey, USA. They have wide selection of dog breeds to choose from. Link:
  • Kolenda Kennels: With 4.9 star rating, they are the best dog Breeders in the Michigan, USA.  They are mostly the Breeders if the German Shepherd. Link:
  • Good Day Doodles:It is a dog breeding center with around 4.9 star rating. It is located in North Carolina, USA. Link:
  • Von Der Otto German Shepherds: They are the producers of the German Shepherd. They have the 4.8 star ratings and are located in Texas, USA. Link: