Cost of Dogs in The United States

     Adopting and owning a dog is not an easy task. It not only needs your full focus and responsibilities but also can be heavy on the pocket. The adult dogs mostly cost less than the puppies as adult dogs have completed their vaccinations, and necessary training.
The extra costs include emergency check ups, grooming sessions, boarding fees and toys, collars and other accessories etc.
Some of the dogs with their prices in the United States are as follow:
Shih-Poo Puppy: Price: $999. Seller: Maryland Puppies Online. Age: 22 weeks. Link:

Labrador Retriever: Price: $1300. Seller: djlabradors. Link:

Miniature Schnauzer: Price: $3099. Age: 15 weeks. Link:

Great Dane: Price: $1000. Seller: GGotGreatDanes. Age: 5 months. Link:

Pomeranian: Price: $1899. Seller: Empire Puppies. Age: 8 weeks. Link: