Top 3 Heartwarming News About Dogs During Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdown in the United States of America

The stress and anxiety of the lockdown has starting taking its toll on people nowadays. But where there is negativity seen, we have also seen many positive effects of the lockdown. These positive news and pets and dogs are the only things keeping the hopes of the people alive.

Some of the good and heartwarming news about dogs are:

• In these times we see even animals giving support to each other. This dog and horse friendship have inspired many people and the images circulated around the internet. There bond was adorable and beautiful.

Dog's Best Friend | STV Player

• Pluto has become a pandemic hero for many when this 13 year old schnauzer gave tips on living in the right way during Covid-19 pandemic. She is very funny and have recently gone public with their Facebook profile and have gone to 4 million views within 2 days.

Pluto the Dog Reminds Everyone to Stay Home - YouTube

• Dogs have helped in locating drugs many times with their strong sense of smell. In the same way, dogs are being trained to detect the patients with Covid-19.

Poncho, a yellow Labrador retriever, is training to detect the scent of the coronavirus as part of a University of Pennsylvania study. (Pat Nolan for Penn Vet)