Top 5 Dog Boarding and Dog Hotels in the USA on Facebook

Dog boarding are useful for the dog owners as they give the owners extra time to relax as well as give their dogs some fun and relaxing time.

Some of the best dog hotels and boarding according to Facebook rating are:

Best friends Pet Hotel: It has around 4.6 star rating and is located in Chicago, Illinois. It is one of the best dog hotel in USA. Link:

Pooch Hotel Richardson: it has around 4.6 star rating. It is located in Texas. They have many facilities and activities for the pets. Link:

Top Paw Resort: it has around 5.0 star rating. It is located in Texas, USA. They have dog boarding service as well as dog daycare. Link:

Stay. A Modern Dog Hotel: It has around 4.9 star ratings. It is a luxury pet hotel and boarding service located in Chicago, Illinois. They have a professional staff and friendly place. Link:

Best In Show Pet Resort: It is located in New York and have around 4.7 star ratings. The staff is animal lover and like to take care of you pets. This is a boarding system with many activities for dogs. Link: