Top 5 Dog Breeders in the USA on Facebook

The dog Breeders are the main purpose of the kennels where they breed the demanded breed of dogs. Theese breeding services can be found around every country.

Some of the best dog breeder in USA according to Facebook ratings are:

Bravo Kennel LLC: it is one of the best Kennel and dog Breeders in the USA. They have around 4.9 star rating and are located in Bostwick, Florida. Link:

Outlaw Cane Corsos: They have around 4.9 star ratings. They are located in Louisiana. They are mostly the breeders of Cane Corsos and puppies and guard dogs. Link:

My Body Guard Dogs: it is a dog Breeders shop with 5.0 star ratings. They are located in Marengo, Illinois. Link:

Vom Ragnar German Shepherd: they are the breeders of purebred German Shepherd. They have the best facilities and the dogs are healthy. They have 4.9 star ratings and are located in Harvard, Illinois. Link:

Kolenda Kennels: they have around 4.8 star ratings. They are the prebred German Shepherd breeders. They are located in Allegan County, Michigan. Link: