Top 5 Dog Charities in America

When you return home from a tiresome day at work and you see your faithful furry friend wagging its tail awaiting your arrival, making us feel all positive, what a feeling it is, isn’t it guys? If they can contribute towards our mental well-being can’t we contribute towards their overall well-being? This is where the dire need of dog charity comes into the picture. Dog charities in America are doing groundbreaking work towards contributing to rescuing, the betterment of health, as well as providing a home to all dogs in need. Just like we understand the need to contribute towards issues such as homelessness, poverty, an illness like cancer etc, similarly we should empathize the necessity to contribution towards dog charity that solely depend on our contribution for their overall functioning.

Herewith I will walk you through this extensive list of Dog charity in America which are doing remarkable work towards helping our faithful friends.

5 such a famous dog charity in America are:

1. The Grey Muzzle organization:

Dedicated to the seniors of the canine family, this organization look towards their betterment and providing them with a loving home. They run only programs supporting non-profit animal welfare organizations and are supported through grants. Mostly look towards providing funding to animal shelters and rescue centre with a focus towards senior dogs. Looking out to donate a bed for animal health care or buy pet fun items which eventually contribute towards the organization and hence help your old furry friends, this is your stop.

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2. Morris Animal Foundation:

This foundation is a health-based charity for animals. Not only does it help in contributing funding towards veterinary medicine advancement but also work towards providing a better quality of life of all animals including dogs. They have conducted the most comprehensive study undertaken in veterinary medicine named golden retriever lifetime study towards cancer and other diseases in dogs. Alongside these achievements, they also provide various grants to aspiring researchers in the field of animals.

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3. Guide Dogs of America:

Their main aim is service towards the blind by providing guide dogs free of cost to the blind and visual impaired men and women to normalize their mobility as much possible. From breeding programs, puppy raising programs to guide dog team training, they provide it with all. They also provide lifetime healthcare to guide dog teams. What a contribution to humankind as well as their furry friends?

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4. National Disaster Search Dog Foundation:

This foundation helps produce highly trained disaster research team of canines. The fascinating part is that this disaster team employs rescued dogs from shelters or rescue groups. Alongside these furry group providing service to mankind, they are also lifetime secured with free health care for them.

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5. Dogs for a better life:

This foundation is working towards rescuing, training and placing dogs as assistant dog across the US. They have three categories of dogs, one for an assistant for hearing disability, other for autism and finally the category of career change dogs and program assistant dogs. In short, they are dedicated to the lifetime care of rescued dogs as well as society as a whole.

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Remember to make a difference this holiday season by contributing towards our furry friends!!