Top 5 Dog Rescues and Shelters in America

Although cities of America are pet-friendly with numerous dog parks, dog beaches, walking trails as well as dog events, yet some of these abandoned furry friends are in need of a home for whatsoever reason. This rising need for a home for them is where the dog rescue and shelters come in handy. Also shelters and rescue home or organizations have come a long way in protecting dog euthanasia. Many shelters or rescue centres are also adopting the no-kill and no turn away policy for the betterment of these needy ones. The luxury of having these unwanted and homeless beings to be protected lies in the shelters and rescue homes, hence encourage these is definitely a yes.

Herewith I will walk you through few such named dog rescue or shelter spread across America for you to know their commendable work.

5 famous dog shelter or rescue in America is:

1. Purebred Dog Rescue Organizations:

Being a non-profit organization based in Ohio, they help in rescuing dogs as well as helping them find loving homes and works purely on the volunteering model. They work towards mostly rescuing dogs that are abandoned from their previous owners or from animal shelters or are on the verge of being euthanized. Although they do not have specific kennels for them they do make their rescued ones stay either in foster homes or cell dog programs in local prisons. Prior to the adoption of these dogs, they make them undergo rehabilitation/training programs through cell dog programs.

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2. American Dog Rescue Foundation:

It is an all-volunteer organization that is providing well-being and rescue efforts worldwide. Their aim is to saving over 1 million street dogs all across the globe as well as finding a home for them. They also work towards helping rescue animals after natural disasters as well as providing support service dogs to military hero. As far as their focus areas are concerned they also look into causes such as ending dog fights, shutting down of puppy mills as well as rescuing abandoned circus animals.

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3. Paws Ohio:

Public Welfare Society INC. which is PAWs stand for is a nonprofit, no-kill organization which is a famous dog and cat rescue group. Their main aim to rescue, foster and adopt dogs. They also do not provide shelters but only rescue operations from streets, abusive places and find temporary homes for them before they get a loving permanent family and home.

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4. Vet Ranch:

It is a non-profit organization based in Texas, which started the rescue of homeless dogs by providing them with needed medical attention. It is a Youtube channel which looks into providing free medical treatment to homeless dogs or the ones pulled out from the euthanasia list. After their wellbeing is taken care of they are provided with adoption to look for loving homes for them. Touched, isn’t it?

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5. Susie’s Senior Dogs:

This is a nonprofit organization based in New York which is working into bringing into attention the unfortunate situations of old/senior dogs. Due to several reasons, this set of are most neglected and looked over as far as adoption is concerned. Through this initiative, they are trying to rescue senior dogs and find them a lovely home. Even though they do not directly handle adoption but bring in the attention of shelter or homes looking these senior ones of the furry beings.

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Tomorrow you see any of these abandoned furry ones being homeless or mutilated, reach out these shelters or rescues!!