Top 5 Dog Shows and Fairs in America

Looking out to solely spending some quality fun time with your pooch, what better than the dog shows are fairs happening year-round? From engaging with your furry friend and spoiling them, one also gets an opportunity to hang around with other dog lovers and owners. These kinds of dog rendezvous not only benefit your dog but also they act as fundraisers for various societies and nonprofit organizations. Winning ribbons and awards to entering into championships, these events definitely make it best for your pet to have a time of life. Still questioning yourself as what show or fair to look out for, rest assured all your worries ends here.

Herewith I am enlisting some top-notch fairs/shows happening in America for spoiling of your faithful one.

5 Dog Shows and Fairs in America:

  1. Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show:

This dog show is one of the second oldest sporting events in the US and is considered as the Olympics of dog shows. In this show, dogs are judged against their own breed standards. It is almost a dream come true for every breeder/handler/owner to lead their dog infamous green carpet of Westminster. This high-end event is held annually in New York City with daytime breed judging in Piers while group judging occurs in Madison square garden. The road to Westminster is via winning championship titles, qualifying wins and top rankings. Another fascinating part of this show is that it streams online as well for the millions of dog lovers across the globe.

Being held on: Month of February

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2. National Dog Show:

It is also another conformation dog show under approval by American Kennel Club. The fascinating part of this show is that it is best entertainment one can look for in Thanksgiving as it is held in November during Thanksgiving festival in Philadelphia. It is a benched dog show of the US where each of the breeds of dog is judged separately. The best part for pooch lovers is that one can witness all breeds of dogs under one roof and sometimes new additions as well.

Being held on: Month of November

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3. Barktoberfest:

A festival solely dedicated to the lovely dogs and their human partners to have some fun-filled time. Westside Family Park in Cambridge around fall i.e. ends of September. This fest is full of contests, yummy food stalls as well as demonstrations and yes how can you forget live music and games to enjoy with your canine. The best part of all the fun and frolic is that the fund raised is used for funding to the nonprofit and no-kill shelter for homeless dogs named FOHA.

Being held on: Month of September

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4.CSBarks Dog Festival:

Annually around September, all the pooches with their proud owners meet in the Carol Stream Park District for this lovely dog festival. From demonstrations, dog-themed vendors to dog walks and Olympics it has it all from your furry one. With being free to enter the festival, a lot of goodies and contents await you and your faithful friend.

Being held on: Month of September

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5. Poodle Day and Parade:

It is a unique annual event for the poodles and their owners to bring them together under one roof in Carmel, California. This event kicks off with the parade of the poodles, heads into the beach play which includes dog-friendly activities and finally ends with a nice cocktail party for the dogs and their companions to lounge away to glory. Amazing, right?

Being held on: Month of September

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So, to which fair/festival are you heading with your furry companion this season? Think fast and register to grab your spots!