Top 5 Dog YouTube Channels in the USA

Not everyone has the talent or confidence of making the videos and showing their skills online. But there are these animals who have beat many humans in getting that fame. They are rocking and ruling the YouTube platform with their videos and entertaining their followers.

Some of the best YouTube American dog accounts are:

  • Gohan The Husky: named after a Dragon Ball Z character, Gohan is a special dog who has been featured on shows like “America’s Funniest Videos” and “World’s Funniest”. He has around 1 million YouTube followers. Link:
  • Louie The Beagle:Louie along with his sister are living a dog’s dream life. Their owner pranks and plays with them and give them every type of toy and perform many more activities. They have around 2 million followers. Link:
  • Gardea23: this is the account of the famous husky dog Mishika. She is known for her singing and talking ability and has started in many shows and ads. She has around 1 million YouTube followers. Link: