Top 5 Dogs in the USA on Facebook with Most Likes

Social media such as Facebook can give you fame in minutes. But if you are cute and fluffy, these minutes become seconds. There are many dog profiles on Facebook who are leading the celebrity life, with their thousands and millions of followers.

Some of these cutie patootie and famous dogs on Facebook are:

  • Boo: with around 16 million likes, Boo is one of the top Facebook American pet dog. His cuteness is over the top and no one can ignore his charms. Link:
  • Jiffpom: with around 1.4 million likes, jiff is an actor and a model who appeared in many ads and in Katie Perry’s videos. He is a cute ball of fluffiness and joy.  He also holds a Guinness world record. Link:
  • Doug the Pug:This pug is another famous award winning dog. He has around 6 million likes. He is also in the bestseller book named “King of Pop Culture”. Link:
  • Gone to the Snow Dogs; this page is about the group of Siberian Huskies. They have around 2.6 million followers and are the heart of many dog lovers. They have their own YouTube channel where they show their daily activities and entertain the watchers. Link: