Top 5 Dogs in the USA on Instagram with Most Followers

Instagram is the best platform to give fame to anyone or make them a model, but it is mostly dominated by these cute little dogs who have the fan following in millions.

Some of the best dog accounts on Instagram are:

  • Doug The Pug: with around 3.8 million followers, he is the leading dog account with most likes. He is famous and have his own dog toys brand.He has starred with celebrities like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. Link:
  • Marnie The Dog:She has around 1.9 million followers. She is a Shih Tzu, 17 years old and was adopted from a shelter. She is the cutest dog on Instagram with her glamorous pictures and style. Link:
  • Norbert The Dog:he is a cute little fellow who works as a therapy dog as well as bring joy and smiles in the children’s hospital. He has around 808k followers on Instagram. Link:
  • Loki TheWolfdog: he is a one handsome dog with around 2 million followers. He is a huge dog and loves traveling with his owner. Link:
  • Pooch of NYC:this is one of the stylish dogs on Instagram. He has around 143k followers and he loves to keep them updated with his fun pictures. Link: