Top 5 Famous Actors with Dogs in the USA

Keeping a dog has become a trend in America and especially in Hollywood. There are many actors and actresses who like to keep a pet and mostly it is a dog. They have different breeds and they like to pamper their dogs a lot.

The top 5 Famous Actors with their dogs are:

β€’ Kylie Jenner: She is another dog lover who has 2 dogs. One is the Italian Greyhound named Norman and his sister Bambi. Kylie even created their Instagram account to keep her fans updated and entertained with her dogs pictures and videos. Link:

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Thug Life

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β€’ Paris Hilton: She is famous for her stylist and fabulous pups. One such pup was the Chihuahua named, Tinker Bell. She has added more dogs to that Chihuahua family and also build a mansion for her dogs. Link:

β€’ Millie Bobby Brown: She owns a big fur ball named as Dolly Bobby Brown. She also created an Instagram account for her dog. Link:

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Mufasa! #englishmastiffs

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β€’ Goldie Hawn: she along with her partner Kurt Russell love dogs. She keeps posting pics of her dogs on her Instagram. Link:

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Love has no boundaries ❀️

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β€’ Amanda Seyfried: She has also been a dog lover and adopted her best friend when she was filming for a movie and got a litter of puppies for filming. She created an Instagram account for her dog and have around 83k followers. Link: