Top 5 Famous Dogs in Movies in the USA

It is not uncommon for the dogs to star in a movie, but some of them become so famous that they get millions of fans. There have been many American movies about dogs and with dogs.

Some of the hit movies with the famous dog characters are:

Beethoven from Beethoven (1992): This is the most famous and known movie. It is about the dog adopted by a family and their adventures. The real name of Beethoven is Chris. He was trained by Karl Lewis Miller. Chris also starred in other hit movies. Link:

Buddy from Air Bud ( 1997): This movie was about a basketball playing Golden Retriever named as Buddy. The real name of the dog was Buddy and he was trained by Kevin de Cicco, who taught him many sports skills. He also appeared in TV shows and series. Link:

Hachi from Hachi, A Dog’s Tale: This movie is based in real life event where a dog befriends a man and waits for him everyday at the station even after his death. It is about the dog breed Akita Inu. Link:

Jerry Lee from K-9 (1989): This movie is about a police dog and he detective partner. The role of Jerry Lee was played by 2 dogs. One was a police dog in real life who was very popular, names as koton. The other was Rondo. Link: /

Marley and Me (2008): This is the real autobiography of John Grogan and his over energetic and over-active dog, Marley. Marley was a Labrador Retriever and created many problems for the family but they still loved him. Link: