Top 5 Famous Singers with Dogs in the USA

Dogs have been a common part of the celebrities life in USA. Nearly every actor/actresses and singers have dogs to keep them active and give them company and motivation.

Some of the singers with their dogs are:

Katy Perry: Katy Perry has a teacup poodle named Nuuget. He appears on the stars Instagram now and then and have stolen the heart of many fans. Link:

Demi Lovato: After the death of her dog Buddy, Demi got another dog named Batman. She even created an Instagram account for her dog. Link:

Snoop Dogg: He is another singer with a pet dog. He likes his dog so much that he has created his French Bulldog’s own Instagram account and have around 4.3k followers. Link:

BigBoi: He is a rapper from Outkast and have a love for dogs. He rescues and even breeds dogs. He loves his Bulldog Oliver and is seen with him in many pictures on Instagram. Link:

Ariana Grande: She is a huge fan of the dogs and owned around 9 dogs. She had given the realistic names. She likes to rescue dogs and give them up for adoption. He Instagram pictures are mostly with her dogs. Link:

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