Top 5 News About Dogs in the United States

In these times we have been finding more animals as heroes as compared to humans. Most of these animals are, no doubt, a man’s best friends, dogs. We regularly get news about the dogs taking the news headlines and making to the top.
Some of the top update information and news about dogs in America in 2019 are:

• No one could have guessed the winner of the biggest dog event of the year. The National Dog Show 2019 had a very unlikely but way cute winner who beat out around 194 dog breed from the show. And he was Thor the white and Auburn Bulldog. Link:

• In very exciting animal news, we found a puppy in the frozen mud in Russia, who is said to be 18,000 year old Siberian Puppy. Research is being carried out to prove if it is a dog or a wolf and to find the relationship between these two species. Link:

In another news, Trump finally meets the hero dog from the US Special Forces, who helped in finding and taking down the ISIS leader. Trump called it a moment of honor to meet Conan, the hero dog. Link:

• A heart felt news where a stray dog was found by a good citizen, trying to take care and keep the five kittens warm on a cold frigid night. The dog and the kittens have been rescued and are safe at the pet shelter. Link:

• In the health department, it has been proved that the dog owners have a long life as compared to many people. Especially with the patients of heart attack and strokes. Link: