Top 5 Pet Dog Events in the United States of America 2021

Pet lovers are always interested in meeting the other owners. There are several pet events in the USA where dog lovers meet and greet each other and also get to share their experiences. In the USA, pet dog events are common and many events are conducted in different states. There are festivals, competitions, costume parades, and dog shows where you and your pet get to enjoy the best time of the year.

If you own a dog and want to join any of these events, join the relevant groups for local event updates. There are some shows and events that are celebrated on the national level. Here, we are going to discuss the top 5 biggest pet dog events that are going to happen in the USA in 2021.

1.     Paces for Paw

This is a unique event where the primary goal is to raise funds for the charity work done by different organizations. 26 May was the announced date of this competition for the year 2021 at the Belfast Rail Trail. The event starts at 8 in the morning and non-runners are also welcome to join this event. Costumes are also highly encouraged for this event.

2.     Clarence Bark in the Park, NY

Clarence Lions Club hosts this event every year and generally, it is supposed to take place on Memorial Day weekend. There are different small competitions and shows in this major event. Different prizes are distributed among the winners from race to beauty competition. There are several other fun activities for the dog owners too.

Guests are encouraged to make a small donation for joining this event. The funds collected from the event are used by the local welfare organizations.

3.     Bell Tower Yappy Hour

This is an ongoing fun event for pet dog lovers. The event is organized on the second Friday of every month till the end of the year. A little getaway for your dog can make him fall in love with the activities there. The participants and families can join this event for free at Bell Tower Shops in Fort Myers, FL, US.

4.     PUPTOPIA Festival 2021 

This is a national-level event that is organized in different states of the USA. This is more than just a normal event because there are countless activities and sports that are going to be fun. PUPTOPIA Festival is more like an amazement park for pet dogs. This event is more than just a race or beauty competition. People from Huston, Austin, and Dallas should be ready to join this pet dog event in October.

5.     World Dog Expo

This is one of the largest pet dog events in the USA. There are several activities and things to do for the pet dogs. Dog owners will also get to know about many other important things like dog rescue, adoption, and fostering. The event generally happens in May and there are some other possible dates too. Book your calendar to visit Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus, the USA for the world dog expo.